Clover Pass Christian School

Clover Pass Christian School is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International. We are vibrant community of learners. Students are a part of a family who participate in fun science experiments, outdoor activities and art projects. Students participate in writing projects and monthly field trips to our local hospital to minister to the elderly. CPCS uses Abeka curriculum and students receive daily small group instruction using Spell to Write and Read.  Students have language instruction and weekly PE classes. We have a large covered playground and utilize the large sanctuary of the church for two recesses each day. Friday Chapel is the highlight of our week!

Hands on Collaborative Learning

Students at Clover Pass experience the world around them through play, and learning to communicate well with their peers. They are immersed in opportunities to fall in love with reading and books.

God's Creation

We celebrate God's creation and give thanks to our Creator. Students experience the love of God by interacting with our world. 

Individualized Small Group Instruction

Students receive small group and individual instruction each day using the Spell to Write and Read Curriculum. Spell to Write and Read is based on the principles of internalizing (spelling), recognizing (reading), composing (writing) and comprehending (understanding) words. Spell to Write and Read uses logical progression and multi sensory instruction to help children learn to spell, write and read well.


Fridays at 10:30 is our chapel time. Guest pastors, teachers, missionaries and volunteers come to share with our students about Christ and how his followers are changing the world. We worship him through song, listen to stories and do crafts. We even get to jump in the bounce house!