Our preschool serves children who turn 3 or 4 years old before the first day of September and are completely toilet trained. Children experience art, play, and learn that Jesus loves them truly and deeply and so do their teachers and caregivers. They learn about God's creation and how to be loving toward each other. Students learn to recognize letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. We strive to ready our children for Kindergarten. 


Children learn by playing and interacting with the world around them. Preschoolers learn about God's love for them by learning about his creation. This student is looking at different kinds of eggs with Ms. Jessi.

Learning About Ourselves

Preschoolers can have big emotions. We try to help them navigate this big world by using healthy communication skills, by acknowledging their feelings and by celebrating their individual differences.  This student is practicing deep breathing techniques with a breathing buddy. 

Project Based Learning

Students in the Preschool and After School program have many opportunities to learn about the world around them. From creating birds nests to painting with feathers, they experience learning through real-life examples and opportunities.