Infant Room

At Clover Pass, we love our babies! We serve infants from 6 weeks up to 18 months, which is when we start the transition into our toddler room. In this room, you will find a lot of sensory play and a schedule that is best suited for your child. We work closely with parents to ensure our infants maintain a similar home and daycare schedule. We send pictures, give daily updates, communicate exactly what your child's day was like, and you are ALWAYS welcome at any time to come in and see how you child is doing. 

We love our babies. 

Infants at Clover Pass become a part of our families. We are vested in the lives of the children at Clover Pass we are so blessed to know them all. 

Creating a Peaceful Environment.

Babies at Clover Pass are held and and loved. We strive to meet the individual needs of each baby and family. We work hard to cultivate a peaceful environment and focus on good sleep and eating habits. Babies receive lots of tummy time, and play time!

Enjoying the Weather.

Because we are located in a rain forest, we seize every chance we can to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.